Organizational Consulting

Results-Driven Consulting Services for Practices and Medical Centers

orgconsultNever before has the healthcare field changed as fast as it’s changing today. Even organizations who have been successful in the past are struggling to keep up with the new trends, alignments, and models for providing care. If your bottom line has been sinking, perhaps it’s time to reach out for help. The American Academy’s customized organizational consulting services can show you how other medical practices are thriving today by adapting to the new rules. And we can help you plot your own path for a rewarding and profitable future.

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The consultants of the American Academy offer exceptional and in-depth experience from working throughout the nation with an array of clients, including hospitals and medical centers, private practice and clinics, managed care companies, national medical associations and many more. We can customize an in-depth consulting program for you, with the following topics as a starting point:

Physician Recruitment and Retention Hospital and clinics have sent thousands to our training programs and many others have hired us to work with them individually to dramatically increase their ability to recruit the best physicians faster and less expensively. We literally wrote the book on Physician Recruitment and can help you start a new recruiting program or upgrade your current program. We pioneered the certification for in-house physician recruiters and can even place one of these experts with you if needed. But don’t forget about retention. We are not successful unless the physician stays and is highly productive.

Physician Relations, Retention and Productivity Every organization is keenly aware of the cost of not having highly productive physicians. Our vast array of experience offers your organization a customized approach where you can track your individual physicians as well as groups or departments of providers to increase their productivity, job satisfaction and longevity. Our industry has come a long way and there are exceptional management tools and techniques that can help you immediately.

Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners As predicted, the need for PAs, NPs and other Non-Physician Provides has risen dramatically. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, we anticipate exceptional needs for these professionals throughout the nation. Our personnel can help you identify the best use of these personnel in relation to your payor income and market needs, establish pay grades and assist in their rapid recruitment so you can move ahead quickly in a definitive fashion, whether for the private practice or medical center.

Physician Manpower Plan With our experience across the nation, you can confidently plan how many physicians you need, in which specialties, when, and where they will work. Our clients often turn to us to obtain a third-party’s perspective and calculations, and sometimes for internal political reasons. Some of these Manpower Plans are fully developed, with in-depth market data and medical personnel interviews. Others are much faster and less expensive with our consultants serving you best by giving you a more targeted report from us, a third-party, that you can take to the Board and perhaps to the Medical Staff. Regardless of your reasons, we can provide excellent results.

New Practice Start-up or Practice Expansion Whether you are adding a single provider or numerous providers, we can help you set each up in practice. The new physician(s) may be joining an existing group, or truly starting up a new practice. Our experts will fly in and set up as much as you want, whether that includes new offices, new accounting and medical records systems, fee schedule, hiring of personnel, new patient marketing and much more. Let us know what we can do for you.

Practice Management There is always room for improvement and we have the experience in numerous specialties coast-to-coast. In today’s market we are currently asked primarily about realigning with the Affordable Care Act and other reimbursement changes. But the fundamentals are still continually requested, including operations, personnel and new computer systems and software, manage care and much more. Our related training is also exceptional and may be just what the doctor ordered, including Practice Management Boot Camp and Practice Management Intensive Training. Your personnel can attend our national programs, or we can bring a customized program to you. We also have multiple Practice Management Certifications for both physicians and administrators.

Physician Compensation It’s been said “No one likes change except a wet baby.” Physicians are no different. Whether your new compensation plan has their income go up or go down, somebody’s not going to be happy. That’s one reason many come to us to serve as that sounding board to carefully review the potential changes in relation to changes in revenue and improvement in productivity. We will assist you to make the best decisions for all involved and to back you up with the proper data if tough compensation changes have to be made.