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pca-30-logo-webLooking for the right opportunity, but not sure where to start? Have you been offered a contract, but you’re not sure if it all works in your favor? Talk to someone who can give you straight answers, advice and insights, based on your own goals. Your consultant will be nationally-recognized Physician Career authority, lecturer and author Roger Bonds.

Get Roger involved early in your search, to start moving in the right direction. Or, bring him in after you have a proposed contract in hand. With decades of experience advising both physicians and physician employers, Roger offers a higher perspective on search and hiring. He’ll also help you avoid mistakes that are surprisingly common.

You know that maximizing your career opportunities isn’t just about income—it’s about lifestyle and professional satisfaction, both now and down the line. Whatever your circumstances, Roger can help you adapt to new marketplace realities—and come out ahead.

Ready to get started? Contact Roger Bonds by email at, or by phone or text to 770-356-9541.


How it works:

• Consulting sessions can take place through video conferencing, phone calls, emails and in person.

• The cost of the physician career counseling package is $1875. Residents and Fellows can take advantage of a reduced rate of $875.

• The standard schedule is one consulting session a week for two to four weeks. Or we can create a customized program for you, and even keep the arrangement open-ended.

• Roger has reviewed over 1,500 physician contracts, and he can review up to two contracts for you (within a one-year window) for one low price, so you can compare competing offers head-to-head.

• Physicians rarely stay in one place throughout their career—especially these days. Roger can help you make a solid plan now, then be your ongoing resource as your needs and situation change over the years.

Topics we can help with:

• Assessing an opportunity with a hospital, private practice or managed care company. Making sure it’s a great fit, both professionally and personally.

• Thorough contract review: Knowing what’s considered a fair package, and what’s considered abusive. Points of clarification. Understanding the ramifications of specific clauses in a proposed contract.

• Setting short-term and long-term goals for your career. Finding positions that support those goals.

• How to conduct yourself in an interview and make the right impression. What to ask, what to say—and what not to say.

• Base pay, benefits, productivity bonuses. Fairness of call coverage. Clinical responsibilities. Non-complete clause. Malpractice insurance. What contract ‘fine print’ means to you.

• Researching a prospective employer—and their financial stability—before you sign on. Researching the community that you’ll be moving to. Getting your family on board for the transition.

• And much more. What are your questions, concerns and challenges? Remember, your physician career counseling sessions are 100% customized for your specific needs.

Starting your own practice? Get personal coaching on practice management and efficiency, the right mix of services for ongoing profitability, and more.

Already have your own practice? If your bottom line isn’t what it used to be, we’ll discuss hospital alignment and other options. We’ll even help you run the numbers on various scenarios, so you can make the right decisions.

Buying in to a practice? If you’re considering becoming a partner, we’ll help you maximize your position and minimize the risks.

Selling your practice? You don’t want to make any moves without a smart exit strategy. Learn how to assess offers, and walk away with the best possible compensation for a practice you worked hard to build.

Stay in control of your future. Understand contracts before you sign. Call/text 770-356-9541 to learn more.



Watch the video: Roger Bonds discusses Major Concerns About Your New Physician Contract


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Did you know…‘tail insurance’ is not your responsibility. After you leave an organization, the employer is responsible for coverage on future claims made against you for prior patient treatment. Missing this point on your contract could cost you $30,000 or more!

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For Physicians:

Practicing Physician, Contract Review/Career Counseling $1,875.

Resident/ Fellow, Contract Review/Career Counseling $875.

Resident/ Fellow, CV Review $175.

Interview Prep $175.


For Practice Managers, Owners & Physician Recruiters:

Re-write Existing Physician Contract for Your Practice $1,995

Write a New Physician Contract for Your Practice $3,995

Practice Buy or Sell Consultation $8,000


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"Before Roger reviewed my contract, I had no idea how to approach my first job interview. He spent over 2 hours on the phone prior to my interview, coaching me on what questions to ask and to make sure I met with the key physicians and staff. Armed with my questions, we tweaked the itinerary to add additional time to my interview so I could get the information I needed. He coached me to interview them just as they were interviewing me. As a result, I didn't need a 'second look' interview. I had all my questions answered, all in one go. Then we very successfully worked on their contract. I was a smooth and efficient process."

Hematologist/Medical Oncologist