Custom Seminars Offered at Your Location

Your conference room is now a professional education center. Choose from many of the topics listed below for your organization’s in-house educational program. Additionally, feel free to enquire about any relevant subjects that are not listed.

Call for pricing information. We’ll be glad to put together the most cost-effective package for your needs.

The American Academy is ready to present powerful, customized Practice Management and Physician Recruitment & Retention seminar programs right at your facilities. In-House Seminars teach everyone how to work together as a team to create a more effective, efficient practice.

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  • A team of dynamic instructors with extensive real-world experience will come to you, offering the latest ideas, solutions and best practices in numerous aspects of medical management. Their straight-forward approach leads to fresh insights that can make all the difference.
  • Every practice has issues, including financial stresses, in today’s uncertain economy. Your in-house continuing education program is carefully tailored for your individual needs, structure and situation. What are the stubborn, ongoing problems that have been breeding dissatisfaction and inefficiency in your organization? Let us know!
  • Programs can be as brief or as extensive as you choose. Staff members are encouraged to participate in a thorough assessment of problems, and are guided to options and answers for which they’ll take responsibility.
  • Managers and employees get the high-level training they need all at once, so operations aren’t disrupted by people leaving for seminars at different times. Plus you’ll eliminate the travel expenses of individuals attending out-of-state seminars.
  • Staff members can then discuss and reinforce what they learned together. All being on the same page makes a huge difference in everyone’s buy-in for impactful and enduring operational improvements.
  • Participants earn CEU units, and receive a Certificate of Completion, as well as their own notebook packed with timely, useful information and resources.

Call Now 770-649-7150 to discuss your organization’s needs, budget and schedule. Have questions? We’re here to help plan a cost-effective in-house educational program that will make an immediate difference and establish long-term benefits.

If you don’t take the initiative in getting everyone up-to-date with a smarter way of doing things, how will anything ever change?