Recertified Administrator in Physician Practice Management (RCAPPM)

If you possess the CAPPM, then do not allow time to lapse and miss out on recertification. The initial CAPPM designation is bestowed for a period of three years. During that time, recertification requirements must be achieved in order to continue the designation for an additional three years. This enhanced credential will document the professional’s ongoing commitment and experience, as well as provide credentials more advanced for the practice management professional’s career. It also exemplifies to current and future employers your dedication to the field.

This recertification program offers in-house medical staff recruiters/physician recruiters the opportunity to achieve a high level of professional standing through a formal certification process. Earning the RCAPPM will prove that you have demonstrated proficiency in the knowledge, skills and abilities required of a professional medical staff recruiter.


  • Current employment in one or more areas of medical practice management. You must include with this application an employment letter, denoting your position and dates of employment (signed by employer) and a resume of qualifying experience.
  • Three full years as a Certified Administrator in Physician Practice Management (CAPPM).
  • Full completion of this Official Recertification Application and ALL supporting documentation.
  • Over the past three years a total of 21 units calculated as: one unit for each quarter year full-time experience (up to 12 total units); one unit for each six hours of approved Continuing Education Units (no limit of units). If you do not have 21 units, one unit for professional contributions, awards and professional designations (up to two units each).
  • Continued Membership in The Academy of Medical Management

If you do not meet the above 21 units of experience and educational requirements, successful completion of the current CAPPM Examination will qualify you.

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