Certified Medical Staff Recruiter (CMSR)

The credential for in-house recruiters who are at the top of their field. This credential was first pioneered in 1992, and thousands of your peers have been awarded this highly respected credential from the American Academy of Medical Management. Having undergone this rigorous formal certification process demonstrates to employers that you possess senior-level, up-to-date skills and knowledge-qualities that merit increased pay, promotions, and long-term employment security. Now more than ever, the recruitment of top physicians and other healthcare staff is crucial to maintaining American medicine’s high standard of care. The fact that you have taken on the challenge of certification speaks volumes about your commitment to that standard, and your integrity as a professional.

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Requirements for the CMSR Certification – or – PreCertification


Option 1: No Exam Option
  • A minimum of 60 credit hours from AAMM programs within the last 3 years, including the Physician Recruitment Intensive Training 5-day program.
  • American Academy 5-day programs offer up to 35.75 hours. 2-day programs offer up to 13.75 hours.
  • Copies of Certificates of Completion must accompany your certification application.


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Option 2: With Exam Option

(May be completed in any order)

  • Successfully passing the CMSR Exam
  • YOU MAY SIT FOR THE EXAM AT ANY TIME, however, Certification will only be awarded after 2 years of employment in physician recruitment.
  • Completion of Physician Recruitment Intensive Training
  • You must attend the 5-day Physician Recruitment Intensive Training immediately preceding the exam
  • A copy of your Certificate of Completion must accompany your certification application
  • A minimum of 14 units of professional accomplishment
  • All accomplishments must be relevant to physician recruitment, and must have taken place within the past three years
  • Written proof of accomplishments must accompany your certification application


Qualifying accomplishments include:
  • Employment: one unit for each year of full-time employment in physician recruitment (up to 12 units) with partial units awarded for part-time employment
  • Continuing Education: one unit for each accepted six hours of instruction (no limit)
  • Professional Contributions: one unit for each hour taught or each page published (up to 2 units)
  • Awards, Certifications and Professional Designations: one unit for each accepted item (up to 2 units)
  • American Academy membership: one unit per year (up to 3 units)
  • Other Association membership, one unit per year (up to 2 units)



  • Options 1 & 2: You may apply and take the exam regardless of your experience.  If you do not yet have two years experience, you will receive the “PreCertified CMSR” (PCMSR)
  • A resume documenting your experience must accompany your certification application
  • Current full-time employment in medical recruitment
  • An employment letter signed by your employer, denoting your position and dates of employment, must accompany your certification application


  • Current Membership in the American Academy of Medical Management


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  • Full completion of the CMSR Certification Application accompanied by all required supporting documentation


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