Who We Are

Since 1987, The American Academy of Medical Management has served as the main educational resource in the U.S. for people working in the business side of health care.

  • Our acclaimed seminar programs across the country have helped thousands of people enhance their careers by becoming more knowledgeable, skilled and confident in their jobs.
  • This in turn has helped the medical facilities they work at operate more effectively, efficiently and profitably, as well as successfully adapt to ongoing changes and new challenges.
  • The benefits ultimately accrue to the entire health care industry, which is strengthened by professionals who have access to up-to-date information, trends and best practices.

Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, AAMM offers the only professional credentialing program specifically for the medical management industry.

  • Highly-valued credentials such as Certified Administrator in Physician Practice Management (CAPPM) and Certified Medical Staff Recruiter (CMSR) identify those who are at the top of their field.
  • The American Academy is also a trusted source of Continuing Education Units and Continuing Medical Education credits for practitioners who complete our educational programs.


What We Do

  • Scheduled seminar programs, such as Practice Management Intensive Training, Practice Management Boot Camp and Physician Recruitment Intensive Training, in attractive destinations.
  • Customized in-house educational programs that bring the experts to your organization, for group trainings that address the needs and issues that may be hindering productivity and profitability.
  • Availability of self-study video DVDs and class materials, for those who prefer to study on their own.
  • Scheduled study sessions and examinations for those applying for certification, as well as the awarding of credentials and the maintenance of national professional standards.
  • A central website that offers helpful tips and ideas for practice professionals, links to other useful industry resources, and a number of resources for job seekers as well as managers who are looking to hire.
  • Membership opportunities for professionals who are dedicated to their careers and their field, and which offer member-only perks and benefits.
  • Sponsorship of a social media community open to healthcare management employees, with ongoing presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Core Values

AAMM strives…

  • To be known for its excellence in teaching by providing physicians with the highest possible quality instruction and resources that is appropriate for both clinicians and administrators; and in an environment which is conducive to the act of learning.
  • To achieve national recognition for the development of all encompassing sessions instructing physician attendees in all aspects of the field of medical practice management.
  • To serve the nation through the design and delivery of applied programs involving both private industry and government agencies.
  • To cooperate with various institutions and the utilization of their expertise to develop a series of seminars and enduring materials which fill the void in instructing the medical community, and physicians specifically in all aspects of financial management, stability and accountability of a practice or health care facility.
  • To encourage and foster the learning experience through a series of intensive educational sessions utilizing lectures and group work, both of which are lead by exemplary faculty from around the nation.
  • To serve as a source of information and expertise to help the medical community understand the major financial issues surrounding the health care industry at the turn of the millennium.
  • To be a responsible and responsive provider of adult education for physicians at varying levels of management expertise.